March 20, 2015

3 Job-Hunting Challenges


tipsYou decide that now is the time to job hunt. You tweak your resume, you trawl the web and apply via Seek or one of the numerous job boards, and you even get a few interviews. But even though you think you’re doing everything right, you’re not getting the job. What are you doing wrong?

Getting interviews – but not getting the job

If you’re being called to interview and it shows your resume is good enough and Recruitment Consultants or employers want to learn more.

Ask yourself: Am I coming across as professional and confident and having a positive, can-do attitude? Am I able to articulate my strengths and assets? Are my interview skills good enough?

Solution: Ask for feedback after the interview – do some research in terms of interview technique and possible questions.

You get no response

You’ve sent out resumes, but nothing is happening – no callbacks, no interviews, no nothing. Take a look at your resume: Is it written in a current format? Is it concise and easy to read? Is the layout consistent? Does it focus on accomplishments? Is it error-free? Also, think about the position you’re applying for.

Solution: Ask a recruitment consultant to critique your resume or hire a resume writer to help you. Network, network, network! When you can’t get in the front door, try the back door. Talk to a recruitment consultant and build a relationship to make things happen.

Obstacles to overcome

Maybe you have unique circumstances – a disability, for example. Or maybe you’ve been out of work for a while or have an erratic work history.Take stock of your skills and abilities: Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t. List your accomplishments and focus on the positive. Regardless of your situation, you have a lot to offer, and there’s a need for your services.

Solution: Use your contacts. Get on the phone and call everyone you know. Tell them you’re looking, and ask for help, advice, referrals, and leads. Get out and network – face-to-face networking is effective because people get to meet and interact with you rather than relying on paperwork to be persuaded to consider you.


Be prepared for tough questions during an interview (or networking) and have appropriate responses ready. Ask a recruitment consultant for help if necessary.

Think about volunteering to get some relevant experience, gain confidence, learn new skills, and make contacts. This is a great thing to do if you’re presently unemployed, whatever the reason. Volunteering often leads to gainful employment.

If what you’re doing now to get a job isn’t working, step back and look at the situation. Do a self-assessment, take steps to correct the problem, and work toward a solution. Become a troubleshooter for your own job search and get the results you want!

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