August 14, 2014

How to work with a Recruitment Consultant…

shutterstock_207232897There is a belief that we as recruitment consultants only work for our clients. And whilst it is true that clients do ultimately pay the bill, there can be no payment without great candidates like you to fill those jobs.

As good recruitment consultants we have your best interests at heart, and we will work hard to show you great opportunities which will grow your career.  So to get the best out of your recruitment consultant here are our top tips:

Honesty – Be honest about your skills and experience. No matter how good you are, if your background doesn’t include a skill essential to a client’s brief, please seriously consider whether to apply. We are not saying you cannot pursue something if you are looking to change career. Just be clear with your reasoning why. A great consultant will understand transferable skills and will help bridge those gaps.

Communication – If something bothers you about a position or if your circumstances have changed, talk to us asap. Open communication is important. Don’t think you’re bothering us if you need to call to check something. A great recruitment consultant prefers you are over prepared, informed and keen.

Also, whilst we know circumstances can change, it is frustrating for everyone if a job offer is made and turned down through lack of communication, eg if relocation wasn’t discussed with your partner and they don’t want to move!

Good listening – We should have a good overview of your market and how you and your skills fit into it. If we are advising you on salary, improvements to your CV or how to impress at interview, the advice is likely to be good. Ultimately we want you to get the job, so we will be aiming to give you the best chance of success.

Make time – We understand taking calls at work can be hard, but if you really want a position make yourself available to talk to us. We will happily arrange something around work but once a time has been agreed ensure you are able to speak freely and for a respectable amount of time. If not we may assume you are not committed to a move.

Know what you want – As recruitment consultants we like to work with people who have a clear check list of what’s right and what’s wrong for them so we can match opportunities.

Be nice – Whether your recruitment consultant comes from a niche agency or a budget recruitment agency – like anyone else, we like to work with people who respect what we do and treat us professionally. We are human too and so can also make mistakes, but remember we do want things to work out for you. Try and understand the process from our standpoint and work with us.

Faithfulness – Complete monogamy is probably not possible or sensible, but it’s a good idea to identify a couple of recruitment consultants who perhaps specialise in your field. Aim to work with consultants who have good networks and can offer you live vacancies.

Flexibility – It’s a tough job market out there so whilst you obviously have a goal in mind for your career, we will definitely be better able to help you if you are flexible. Consider variations to your wish list and we should be able to offer you a wider choice of opportunities. Likewise, everyone has commitments that are difficult to change, but be as flexible as you can when it comes to availability for interviews.

Long term relationship – There is nothing better than developing a professional relationship with someone you trust. The longer you know your recruitment consultant, the better they know you. And when it comes to moving on again, we will be able to help you even more effectively.

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