September 26, 2016

War on talent – Recruitment Solutions

War on talent – Recruitment Solutions war on talent

Across most industries in Australia today there is a war on talent! Everyday top candidates are being contacted by multiple head-hunters, in-house recruiters and even being forwarded targeted jobs based on LinkedIn’s skill matcher. With all of these temptations, strong candidates now have full control over the recruitment process.

Here are some top tips to closing the deal!


Recruiting is no different than dating. After meeting a top candidate, many thoughts start to go through your mind – “Shall I follow up now?”  …. “Should I wait a few days?”… “ Should I keep looking just in case?”

The interview process is your opportunity to take time out of your busy schedule to invest and take interest in the potential candidates. To win the war on talent here a few tips.

When you interview make sure you have a clear head about what you are looking for. What gaps need to be filled in your current team? And give yourself time after the interview to reflect and take notes.

Don’t waste time negotiating

The worst thing you can do is kill the recruitment process by trying to save a couple of dollars. Before you start the recruitment process know your budget. Understand what needs to be spent to get that top candidate when they walk in your door.

The Recruitment Alternative always makes sure that the candidate knows the offered salary. Try not to go in with an offer that is under a candidate’s expectations. Make sure everyone is on the same page!

Understand the key motivator

Top candidates are no longer just looking for an increased salary or a more senior title. During the interview process make sure you understand candidate’s motivations. Some candidates are looking for stable employment and the opportunity to be mentored further into their career. If your organisation can provide this – promote at the interview.  It’s not all about money.

Be a confident interviewer

The process of your interview can be just as important as the job offer. Candidates are looking for strong leadership and a stable future.  It is so important to make the interview personal! Know your company, know your brand. Sell the perks of working for you through the interview.

An unsuccessful candidate may be a future customer.   Refine your engagement, recruitment and delivery strategy!

The Recruitment Alternative consultants will work through the whole recruitment process with you. Low-cost recruitment strategies at affordable prices.

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