October 2, 2015

Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in your job search in Australia

Using Social Media in your Job Search
Using Social Media in your Job Search

Social media is becoming more and more of a vital tool in helping you job search. You really need to ensure that you are benefiting from the most popular social networking tools! Not only jobseekers but employers have begun to recognize the benefits of utilizing social media to find suitable candidates.

Amongst other social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are definitely the three most popular social networking websites that you can use to help your job searching process. To make the most of these social networking tools, you need to be aware of the correct ways to network your way into your new job or career.

So – what do you need to do:

Tell People that you are Looking for a New Job

It’s a great idea to keep people in your network informed that you are looking for a new job. It’s even better to ensure they know what type of job you are looking for. Regardless of whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, tell people! If you keep them up to date, they will bear you in mind and tell you as soon as a new position comes up. The job information that you get from your contacts can really help your job search.

Don’t Be Scared of Networking with Friends on Facebook

Different to Twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook is actually more powerful when it comes to connecting with friends, co-workers and colleagues. Friends that know you on Facebook will be more helpful in finding you a job you are looking for or providing you with some valuable job related information. Invest in time networking with friends on Facebook.

Make Your Facebook Profile Private

The profile information you fill out on Facebook is visible to everyone by default. If you don’t want employers to see your personal updates, make sure you set your profile to private. All you need to do is go to ‘Account’, click Privacy Settings and choose ‘Friends Only’. In this way, only those with who you are friends on Facebook will be able to see your personal updates and profile information.

Search Hiring Managers

Pretty much everyone including large employers are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To help your job hunting, find information about the employers you have targeted. Smart employers will certainly keep their Facebook profile private. However, you can search for information on other social networking websites and be informed about the new job openings coming up. In addition, you can dig out more valuable details about your targeted employers.

Hyperlink Your CV

Also remember to add the link to your personal profile on Twitter and LinkedIn. This helps employers to find your contact information if they are willing to get in touch with you. Don’t add a link to your Facebook profile, as it is private available only to your friends. Keeping profile information on Facebook private also shows employers that you are internet savvy. Many employers appreciate this skill.

Facebook Lists

Facebook lets users create multiple lists, according to individual requirements. So you are able to create separate lists for friends and professional contacts. By doing this, your professional contacts will have access to only that information that you want them to see. To create a new list on Facebook, go to Account, then Friends and then click Create a New List. Facebook lets you set your privacy settings according to your requirements. This is a good strategy to be adopted by jobseekers in search of jobs.

Make sure people can find you on Google

If you want employers to find relevant information when they Google your name, you need to be active on all the above mentioned social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Fill out your profile information on all these sites carefully including the industry-related keywords as well. If you have filled out job profile on these sites, employers will find your profile information in the top Google rankings.

So, if you haven’t yet created your profiles on popular social media sites, go and create the same now. At the same time be active on the networks and spend time connecting with your network of friends for maximum job search benefits.

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