April 3, 2018

Marketing Recruitment Specialists – Perth

In Perth’s competitive job market, it’s not uncommon for employers to seek the services of a recruitment agency. The Recruitment Alternative are Marketing Recruitment Specialists! From Marketing Assistants to Senior Management positions, we are here to help you find the right person on your next recruitment campaign.

From Social Media positions, Digital Marketing Coordinators to Marketing Managers this ever evolving space is in high demand! As organisations try to keep up with increasing customer demands and changing marketing platforms. This means you will want to find the right person with the right skill set to benefit your company.


The Recruitment Alternative have extensive experience in marketing recruitment. Our professional consultants will find the right candidate with the correct technical skills to meet rise to the challenge. We have an excellent customer service rating to support our top-notch service. Sandra Catt, Practice Manager of Zonaras Consulting said this about her experience using The Recruitment Alternative:

“I thought that there must be a “Catch” as the fee was so reasonable. Finally, we have found a recruitment agency that we can afford. A first-class service was provided and saved me hours of work. I would definitely use The Recruitment Alternative again.”

Recruitment Excellence

The Recruitment Alternative exists to provide low cost recruitment excellence that is a budget option for employers. We fly in the face of the perception that great service costs a lot of money. We delight in how happy our clients are when they hire a great new staff member and make such great savings. The Recruitment Alternative provide services not only in Perth, but Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. As a generalist recruitment agency, we offer affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today on 1300 548 546.

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