April 3, 2024

Avoid Job Scammers!

With a more advanced and tech-savvy world, job seekers must stay vigilant while applying for jobs online to avoid job scams. These scams can appear in various ways, ranging from deceitful job postings to elaborate identity theft schemes, and they can have extreme consequences for unsuspecting candidates. To ensure your safety, we recommend following these essential tips that will enable you to avoid job scammers and find real employment opportunities.

Research the Company

Before applying for any job online, take the time to research the company thoroughly. Look for reviews and information about the company’s reputation and history. Legitimate companies will have a professional online presence and a track record of positive reviews from employees. Moreover, if an email is indicated in a job post, try to search it online to see if it is a registered work email. Otherwise, refrain from submitting your CV to sketchy email addresses as it contains your personal information.

Be Wary of Unexpected Job Offers

Have you ever received spam emails? It is the same case with receiving unsolicited job offers so always proceed with caution upon opening these emails. Additionally, job scammers often use fake job postings to persuade unsuspecting candidates into providing personal information and even money! Always remember that legitimate companies do not reach out to candidates in this manner.

Avoid Job Offers That Sound ‘Too Good to Be True’

High salary, loads of incentives, annual salary raise, flexible hours? More often than not, it’s likely a scam. If a promised offer sounds too good to be true, better to take a step back and assess the package. Legitimate job opportunities offer realistic compensation and benefits that align with industry standards.

Use Reputable Recruitment Agencies

One of the best ways to avoid job scammers is to reach out to a reputable recruitment agency like The Recruitment Alternative. We have established partnerships with real businesses and only publish legit job opportunities. By partnering with a trustworthy agency, you can access a wider range of authentic job opportunities and receive expert guidance on your job search process.

Feel free to visit our Job Seekers page for job-hunting tips and the available positions we have or contact us at 0800 587 546 or via info@therecruitmentalternative.co.nz.

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