August 12, 2019

Australian Skills Shortage

We are sure you have heard in the news this week that Australia is continuing to face a skill shortage. These skills shortages are in all capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Bolder reforms to the training sector have been suggested to tackle this issue quickly. The apprenticeship and traineeship numbers have fallen to a ten year low according to the Sky News. Research by ARG Group shows that “75% of employers are experiencing difficulties recruiting qualified or skilled workers”. There has been talk of a skills package overhaul worth 525 million dollars, however, how can this help you now when you need to find suitable staff?

Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative to be prepared for the competitive recruitment market:

Move Quickly

It is critical to move quickly when you find a suitable candidate that ticks most, if not all of your boxes. Chances are they are also interviewing with the competition so moving quickly will avoid missing out on a potentially suitable applicant. Dragging your feet will only bring negative outcomes in this climate.

Competitive Salary Rate

One of the most common mistakes employers make is offering an inaccurate low salary package. By remaining competitive and offering more you will attract top talent! This will only boost your business in the long run with experienced and enthusiastic staff.

Company Culture And Brand

Smart business owners know the best investment any company can make is hiring the right people. A very common question asked by candidates to recruitment consultants is: “What is the company’s culture like?”

So, you have paid top dollar for you talented team of staff, but if your culture is less than ideal why will they stick around?  If your brand has a bad reputation this will also reflect poorly on your company and put off experienced workers.

Take some time to polish your brand and improve your company culture before you begin the recruitment process. Employees tend to stay longer if there is a positive workplace environment. In some cases, employees will accept less pay for a more supportive, relaxed and flexible workplace environment.

Research Your Competition

Be proactive when it comes to making sure you are competitive in the market before advertising your vacancy. A simple Google search can identify what your competitors are looking for in terms of experience, what salary range they are offering, what qualifications they are requesting etc. Once you have done this research highlight what sets you apart from them. Do you have career progression available? Do you offer a work life balance? Is your location central and easy to get to? What makes you different?

Work With A Recruiter

If you find yourself struggling in this competitive market to find a suitable candidate, you would have also noticed all the valuable time and energy you are wasting. Working with a recruitment agency such as The Recruitment Alternative won’t just save you time and money. We will leave no stone unturned in the recruitment process, we draw from our talent pools, industry networks, candidate databases and more!

If you’re looking to add to your team, The Recruitment Alternative can help you find the right person. We look at the whole picture to ensure they are not only technically sound but a cultural fit too. As a generalist multi-award winning recruitment agency, we offer affordable fixed price recruitment solutions. We operate across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth as well as within New Zealand. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today on 1300 548 546.

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