June 16, 2014

6 more tips on nailing a phone interview


Following up on our last blog, ‘9 Steps to phone interview success’, we came across a Forbes article, ‘6 Steps to nailing a job interview…over the phone‘ that provides some more hints and tips on how to do well over the telephone medium.

In short they are:

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare – do all the research on the company and role you would do before a face to face interview.

2. Take care of the basics – ensure the room you’re in wont be disturbed and use a landline if you can to avoid breaking up mid call.

3. Put on your game face – dress up as you would for an interview – you’ll likely come across more professional.

4. Take advantage of the invisibility factor – use your notes and research to draw inspiration from.

5. Remember the 3 Cs – concision, concentration and courtesy.

6. Follow up – send an email thanking them for the interview and summarise what you talked about and make your final impression before entering the next stage of the process.



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